Teespring was SO MUCH FUN! This is hands down the most creative and unique side hustle I’ve ever done.

Never Heard Of Teespring Before?Teespring, the most creative side hustle I've ever done

Well let me tell you all about it. The Teespring website allows you to design and sell custom products (mainly apparel and a few accessories). And the best part? They handle all of the shipping!

As a seller, teespring allows you to set up a store by creating a seller account. You can set one up here.  Once that’s done, you can create and launch “campaigns”.

A campaign basically means that you design (or upload) a custom image to your chosen clothing item. From there, you’ll enter information about your item/campagin such as:

How many units you plan to sell (this is your crowd funding goal although you don’t need to meet it to get your item printed… something like 3 sales is the minimum)

A title for your campagin

A brief description of your item

AND you can even add different styles of clothing & colours to your campaign (t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc)

The last step is to choose the length of time you want your product to be available. For example, maybe you only want your campagin to run for 7 days, or maybe you want a longer campaign, so you can set it to 21 days. Don’t let the campaign length worry you too much because you can always relaunch your campaign after it expires.

Now you’re ready to launch!

How To Promote Your Teespring Campaign

Teespring provides some marketing options that can be customized in your account settings. Some options are free (yay free!), but some will take a 4 dollar (USD) cut, and others may take 50% of your profit if the item is sold through that marketing channel. I decided to take advantage of all the marketing services available just to see which ones, if any, worked for me.


But Is That Enough To Get Me To My Sales Goal?

My instinct is… No. These teespring marketing options alone won’t help me get to my 25 sales per campaign goal. So here’s what I suggest in an effort to make your campaign a success:

Use The Blog Force

Ok, maybe there won’t be any Jedi mind tricks going on, but if you have a blog that ties into your storefront or designs, use it! I plan to use this blog as a method for getting the word out.

Become a Social Media Ninja

Create dedicated social media accounts for your storefront on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter. These dedicated pages will help you find, connect and promote your shirts to people who may have an interest in unique t-shirts.

Take Advantage of Any Related Holiday or Event

Holidays and events are the perfect opportunity to market your shirt! People are actively looking to purchase products related to those holidays/events and you’ll have the perfect gift!

These are all things I was able to implement immediately and with no upfront costs. Now that’s my kind of hustle!

Give It A Try!

Teespring has no upfront costs and is very low risk. Plus as I mentioned earlier, designing your own clothing is COOL!

I know, I know, you’ll read articles that say, “Make sure you hire a professional graphic designer”, and sure, you could do that. But it’s not nearly as exciting as creating something yourself. So I say, try both! If your design is complicated and goes beyond your design capabilities, then by all means, head over to a site like Freelancer and get some professional help. But if you think you can handle the design part, then definitely give it a try.

Oh and don’t forget to enter our monthly Teespring Giveaway! You can win a free T-shirt plus you’ll learn more about the brand we’ve created and what we’re up to!


You can also checkout this post to learn more about our designs and how much fun we’re having with Teespring!

Happy Hustling,