I had big plans for this blog… like HUGE! But as I dive into more and more ways of making extra cash, I find my time is super limited (surprise, surprise!). Between my full-time job, digging myself out of this crazy winter weather, and my side hustle fun, somethings got to give!

So I’ve decided to take some time and focus on a new side hustle that has really taken off… Print on demand t-shirt sales! Remember this post where I designed a few shirts and put them up for sale on Teespring? Well things have come a long way since then!

Let Me Fill You In…

The Side Hustle The Took Over My LifeI created that Teespring store and then began to look at other print-on-demand t-shirt sites. There are TONS out there… Redbubble…CafePress… but I would say the holy grail of t-shirt sales is Amazon’s program, Merch By Amazon (MBA). This program allows you to upload your designs right to Amazon’s platform. From there people in the USA can find & purchase your products right in amazon’s database! Pretty cool!

But unlike Teespring, MBA doesn’t have a “create a design” feature meaning that you have to have at least a basic knowledge of graphic software in order to upload your designs… which I don’t… So my husband and I found a designer and we were off to the races!

Merch By Amazon Is No Joke

There are THOUSANDS of designers using this platform. People have made A LOT of money, and there are even courses that teach you how to maximize your MBA experience. Not only that, but people routinely target best selling shirts and keywords in order to try and capture some of the T-shirt market. But to be honest, I just couldn’t get into Merch By Amazon. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a good grasp of graphic design, maybe it’s because I’m more interested in creating a brand and having fun with this endeavour rather than keyword & trend searching in order to profit from the latest political kafluffel. So, I asked my husband if he would partner with me in developing a clothing brand that uses the Teespring platform and he AGREED!! Woo hoo!!


What I love about Teespring

1. You have the option to upload a design or just use their platform to easily create one on the spot.

2. They ship worldwide… including Canada! See, because MBA only ships to the USA, I couldn’t even order one of my own shirts! Teespring ships internationally and I really appreciate that!

3. Teespring is going to be partnering with Amazon anyway! Teespring has recently announced that their products will soon be available on Amazon. So once that happens, I feel like I’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

So over the past month, my husband and I have been working crazy hard developing our own Teespring brand. We’ve decided to keep it mostly separate from this blog to really let it take on a life of it’s own. But we wanted to give you a little taste…

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing jaKr clothing!!

jaKr clothing logoWe’re going to be focusing on designs that highlight our hobbies & interests, as well as creating designs for major holidays and events. We want jaKr clothing to be shaped by the people who buy our brand, so expect lots of polls and opportunities to voice your opinions. We’re getting social on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, and we would LOVE to connect with you and share ideas. But for the detailed scoop, we’ll mostly be communicating via email. And I promise, we’re actually going to email you this time…. not like with this blog where I MAY have accidentally deleted everyone’s email address last week… my bad…

To Kick Things Off We’re Hosting A T-Shirt Giveaway!!

Our awesome email subscribers will not only get the lowdown on our newest designs and exclusive discounts, but they’ll also get FREE STUFF!

Every month we’ll pick one lucky subscriber and send them a free shirt!

Anyone who enters during the month of February will have the chance to win a “Luck of the Irish” shirt just in time for St.Patrick’s Day. If St.Patrick’s Day isn’t your thing, anyone who enters February’s draw is still eligible to win March’s prize… and April’s prize… and… well you get the idea!

Luck of the Irish shirt


So Side Hustle Fans, you’ll have to forgive me because I’m going to be taking some time away from this blog to really focus on jaKr clothing. And if you want to learn more about what we’re doing… like why on earth we chose that name, or how we go about picking designs, then please enter our giveaway to get on our mailing list.

And of course, if you’re interested in supporting our brand by buying our clothing, then checkout our online store  and have at it!

Until next time, Happy Hustling!