So you’ve purchased all the fun, silly gifts… Like this GIANT Toblerone bar, or this Kermit The Frog Chia Pet (I have one, it’s awesome)… And now you’re looking to buy something related to your side hustler’s interests.

Here Are My Top 10 Useful Gifts To Give A Side Hustler This Christmas


1. The Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

So last weTile Slim Bluetooth Trackerek, during my lunch, I was checking out the latest wearable technology (as you do) and I came across the Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker by Tile Inc. This useful tracker is about the size of two credit cards and allows you to quickly and easily find items like your wallet, tablet, or phone.

I NEED this gift in my life! I am the person who parks her car, walks into a store, and when I walk out, I have no recollection of where I parked. Doomed to search the parking lot repeatedly hitting lock, unlock, lock, unlock, in an effort to spot my car, this is a much better solution! It’s also available in 4 packs, so you can track all the things.

2. The $100 Start Up By Chris Guillebeau

The $100 StartupI walked by this book in Chapters last month and immediately put it on my personal wish list. The $100 Start Up focuses on what Chris describes as “Microbusinesses”. I call them damn fine hustles. Using a number of case studies, this book aims to be a blueprint for those looking to escape the traditional 9 to 5 and find work on their own terms. There have been mixed reviews about the effectiveness of this book as a “guide”, but so far I find it a refreshing change from the typical “how-to” ebook.

Once I’ve finished reading it, I’ll give you the full review. If you decide to purchase The $100 Start Up for yourself or your Side Hustler, I’d love to hear your opinion. This book contains a number of interesting stories and would make an excellent gift for anyone looking for that extra hit of entrepreneurial motivation.

3. Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone

Podcasting is set to reach an estimated 15 BILLION hours by the year 2020 (Source). Likewise, by the year 2018, 79% of internet traffic will be video content (Source). There is a fundamental shift in how people consume information. This means that Bloggers (like me) really need to diversify their content. This microphone is an easy “plug & play” way of recording your audio. My high-pitched chipmunk voice isn’t going to get any deeper by using this mic, but at least it will be crystal clear! But if it’s slightly out of your price range at around $100, there is also a more budget friendly version.

4. A Money Making Udemy Course

It’s no secret, I love taking new courses and trying new things. I call myself a serial hobbyist because I want to try it all! Udemy is a great platform to do just that. It’s an online marketplace of courses and their slogan is “learn anything, on your schedule”. With over 40,000 courses in their database, you really can learn just about anything! A course related to your side hustler’s business or interests would make the prefect gift! Here are a few useful courses that I’m interested in taking:

And if you’ve never “gifted” a course before, simply click on a course, select “More options”, and then select “Gift this course”.

5. Amazon Gift Card In A Cute Santa Tin

If you can‘t find it in stores, there is no doubt you can find it on Amazon. Maybe your Side Hustler is happier choosing their own gift… Perhaps they’ve got their eye on a new e-reader. Your gift contribution will go a long way in helping your hustler get a useful gift that is slightly out of reach. The great thing about Amazon gift cards, is that it gives your hustler the power to choose what they want, when they want it.

6. A Gift From A Local Vendor

Did you know that many local artisans are side hustlers? People selling at your local farmers market, flea market or craft fair just can’t stop themselves from turning their passion into profit. The Cupcake Lady provides a perfect example of someone who is taking her side business at her own pace, while still making extra income. You can find both beautiful AND useful handcrafted items at the market… From turned wood pens to used business books, there is sure to be a unique and useful gift for the hustler on your list. It’s important to support your local side business owners, and buying from them this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

7. A Gift From Etsy

But maybe the thought of heading out to a busy shop or market sounds like your worst nightmare. Well not to fret, you canHustle Hard Mug still purchase handmade & vintage goods via Etsy. I really like this Hustle Hard Mug and this “Empowered women, empower women” T-Shirt. A bottomless cup of coffee or an inspirational shirt help keep your Side Hustler motivated and on track. These gifts are just a few examples of the MILLIONS of items on Etsy. I love that they are unique and not massed produced. If you haven’t bought gifts from Etsy before, you should definitely check it out!

8. Stay Humble Hustle Hard Journal

882709307242_hiIf you’re like me, then you are CONSTANTLY jotting down ideas, notes, to do lists, and blog posts. My current notebook is getting full and this one would replace it perfectly! What do I love about this journal? It has a hardcover which doubles as a writing surface when you’re on the go. The cover text, “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard” is a mantra to live by for the Side Hustler in your life.

9. Anything By Nick Loper

Nick actually wrote the book on Side Hustling. In fact, he’s written several. I would suggest starting with these two titles: The Side Hustle Path & Buy Buttons. The Side Hustle Path is the first in a four volume series. What I love about this book is that it includes real world stories. Examples of real people with real hustle which is what The Side Hustle Stories is all about.  #RealPeopleRealHustle

His newest book, Buy Buttons, focuses on platforms that allow you to sell or rent your goods & services. He gives you over 300 platforms that already have an audience of buyers looking for what you have to offer. He even guarantees that you’ll find at least one platform that you can use to generate your own income stream or he’ll buy the book back from you. That sounds like a pretty great deal to me! If you’re looking for more from Nick, you can checkout his site, Side Hustle Nation.

10. The Side Hustle Shirts

And if you’re STILL looking for something to get the Side Hustler in your life, consider giving them a cool T-shirt. Focused mostly on Craft Beer & Canada (seems like a logical pairing), these shirts make a great gift for the Side Hustler in your life. Admittedly, The Side Hustle Shirts aren’t “useful”, but by gifting them, you’ll be supporting this Side Hustler, which in turn allows me to keep working on this site! The Side Hustle Shirts are created and sold using the Merch By Amazon platform, which I will be reviewing in an upcoming post, so stay tuned! You can also checkout the post that started it all if you want to see my first collection, still available on Teespring.

Hopefully this list provided a few useful ideas to make your holiday shopping easier…

10 Useful Gifts To Give A Side Hustler (Pin), The Side Hustle StoriesAnd if you didn’t see something you think your Side Hustler would find useful, you can try making them a gift from the heart… ALWAYS the best kind of present! Unless you have my crafting skills… in which case… stick to this list!

Happy Hustling! And Happy Holidays!