Guys, I need money…

And unless you’ve got a kickass high paying job or you’ve recently won the lottery, chances are you could probably go for a little extra cash in your pocket too. I call the process of making side money, a “side hustle”.

But while researching different side hustles, I was getting frustrated by articles that only listed things like, “101 Ways To Get Rich From Your Desk”, or “55 Side Hustles You Can Start Today!”.

I didn’t just want a link to various side hustles (although that is nice), I wanted to hear about people’s real life successes AND failures with any given side hustle, that way I could analyze each one and figure out which ones were right for me.

Which leads me to… The Side Hustle Stories

.I’ll be answering questions like:

How much time does this hustle take up?

How much money did I make?

Was there a start up fee or cost involved?

All the details that you want to know, I’m gonna give them to you! And if you have something to say on a topic leave a comment, or get in touch.

This blog will be filled with my experiences and opinions so fair warning, it’s not going to be perfect. I’m not claiming to be a business expert, but that’s the whole point isn’t it? I’m a real person, giving you information about my real hustles. #RealPeopleRealHustle

But Who Am I?

I’m an Ontario native, now residing in “The Gateway To The East!”… New Brunswick. My name is Christina, and I’m just a mid-thirties girl trying to make it in a 21st century world. The way I do that is by holding down a traditional full time job while trying to bring in extra income from my side hustles.

So thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest Side Hustle Stories.

Happy Hustling,