The idea of a “Side Hustle” is all the rage… In today’s economy, more and more people are finding new and different ways of earning a living. Maybe it’s a byproduct of the ever increasing cost of living, maybe it’s due to an unstable job market (since long gone are the days of company pension plans and big raises). Whatever the reason, side hustling is so common among the millennials that they don’t even think twice about earning extra income outside of a traditional 9 to 5.

But What IS A Side Hustle?

Well, it’s basically a side business or method of earning extra cash that goes beyond your typical part-time job. A side hustle can be performed in addition to a more traditional full-time/part-time job, or perhaps you work a collection of side hustles to make your living. I work a pretty demanding full time job but I just can’t help myself from trying to earn a little something extra. It’s true though, there aren’t many things in life you can do to ‘get rich quick’. Most things take a lot of time, hard work and dedication in order to reap significant rewards. And most people, including yours truly, will probably never make enough from their side hustle to replace a full-time income, but that doesn’t mean side hustling isn’t a worth while venture! A small-scale hustle, such as completing online surveys, can earn you enough to cover things like a new BBQ, or a really awesome Christmas present for your spouse, or even better… a really awesome Christmas gift for YOURSELF!! A larger scale hustle, such as renting out a basement apartment, will help to cover your mortgage, or utility bills, or help to pay off your student loan. So even though most of us will still have to work a traditional job, a side hustle will allow you to live a little more comfortably, or pay down debt, or do whatever the heck you want!

Side Hustles Help!

And to prove it, this blog will discuss and evaluate various types of Side Hustles. I’ll let you know things like my overall experience with a specific hustle, the time and cost involved, a rough idea of my profits and any other details I think you’ll find useful. This blog will give you the lowdown on my side hustles and the hustles of others. Hopefully you’ll find these stories useful in working your own hustle.

But Full Disclosure: I’m just an average person trying out different hustles and reporting my experiences.

Some hustles are going to work, and some won’t. This blog is full of my opinions so please don’t take them as fact. Actually, I would encourage you to challenge my point of view by trying some of these hustles out for yourself! You may have a completely different experience with a particular hustle, and then want to share your story on this site! The point is, you may not get rich quick off of a side hustle, but you won’t get rich at all if you don’t at least try.

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Happy Hustling,